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Gloria Van Rees

I am happy to announce I am relaunching Balding'sWorld in partnership with and changing it up a bit.

A significant chunk of my time is spent poring over Chinese data looking for things that stick out, questions that come up, things that dont make sense, anomalies, you name it, I like being buried in Chinese data. Over the past few years working on different project and with different people, I have built up quite the library of data figures on the Chinese economy and financial markets for just about everything conceivable.

Relaunching BaldingsWorld we are going to give you lots of data visuals on the Chinese economy and financial markets. I will be blogging about once a week with multiple daily updates posting primarily figures and short notes of things that I find interesting mostly about China but will also begin including other emerging Asian countries.

Personally, I find Chinese data fascinating because believe it or not, there is a lot more here than most people believe. Even among most people who have some interest in China, they focus on the same handful of variables. In reality, there has been somewhat of an explosion of data access. While quality always remains questionable, the multiple collection points and groups allow us to both test many assumptions or headlines about the Chinese economy and it allows us to better test whether the headline data is plausible.

In the near future, there will be other additions to what I do here but for right now, enjoy all the data, the figures, and forthcoming posts. I hope youll like it

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Awesome news actually! it's so sad that I can't try it now because I'm currently on vacation. I decided to go to Benidorm with my family. It's our first trip to Europe and, by far, it's awesome.