Leaving the Lights on in the Middle Kingdom

Gloria Van Rees

Electricity consumption in the China is up across the board. Construction is up 13%. This is important due to the increased momentum we have seen in construction. The industries with largest consumption increase are transportation and wholesale & retail. Hotels are up 10% in consumption. This is noteworthy considering on SSE, catering & travel as an industry is down 1.5% in YTD trading. Considering the majority of industries are trading -20% or more on the SSE, the increased electricity consumption means hotels are leaving the lights on for travelers.

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I dislike big cities because they are oversaturated with light at night. I'm an amateur astronomer and I prefer rural areas. Reading articles about other planets, about comets, about dwarf planets like Ceres https://solarstory.net/planets/ceres and watching stars with a telescope, these all is my hobby. Doing it all in megapolises is impossible.