My Only Vested Interest is I like Singapore

Balding's World

I have received emails and seen posts on my articles that question what is my vested interest in writing my articles about Singapore, GIC, and Temasek.  I want to respond to this.

I have absolutely no vested interest in Singapore.

I have no financial holdings, investments, or monetary interest in anyway related to Singapore.  My personal investments are in straight, plain, and boring, vanilla index style funds.

I do not work for, advise, or consult for any government, political party, company, financial institution, or person about Singapore. I have received no compensation of any kind for my work on Singapore, monetary or otherwise.

I am not affiliated with any person, organization, political party, or government.  Let me be as universal as possible in my declaration:  I have no vested interest in Singapore.

I have read that because I am an American I must seek to impose American style cowboy capitalism and financial carnage on Singapore.  I have read that because I work in China for Peking University that I am probably a communist agent seeking to destabilize Singapore. Do not worry, I have found these charges comical more than concerning.  (I wonder if I can sue for defamation?)

I have visited Singapore a couple of times and always found it a beautiful city.  I actually had to turn down a fellowship at the National University of Singapore to accept my current position. Ironically, if I had accepted the fellowship at NUS, I would have been writing the book that has essentially now banned me from visiting Singapore. I say all this because I like Singapore.

Unfortunately, I have this crazy idea that governments should be responsible to the people. Whether it is the United States, Chinese, or Singaporean government, I believe leaders should be accountable and transparent to the people of their country. Governments do not have unlimited powers. I believe that the government of Singapore should be accountable and transparent with the people of Singapore. I believe that the people of Singapore have a right to demand answers from their government.

The government works for the people. The people do not work for the government.