16 signs that you’re engaging in Black Financial Coonery


However, as I mulled over the ways we are trained to waste our money and then complain that we don’t have any, I thought about this list.

So, here are 15 ways to know that you might be engaging in financial coonery:

1) You think that “buying black” means that you need to purchase darker outfits 2) Spending money to have a white man’s name on your body makes you feel like you’re a better person 3) You tell your friends who start their own businesses that they need to “get a real job.” 4) When your friends start their own companies, you spend hours giving nothing but negative comments, but then show up to borrow money when they become successful 5) You spent $300 on a purse, but thought $50 was too much for you son’s tutoring program 6) When someone tells you that you should support black-owned businesses, you say, “but Walmart is so much cheaper!” 7) You think that buying a new car is a good investment 8) When your friends start businesses, you harass the hell out of them for free stuff 9) You beg for people to loan you money, but then get an attitude when they ask for it back 10) When somebody asks you about your long-term financial plan, you say, “it’s all about finding the right baby daddy.” 11) You put 80% of your weekly paycheck into stripper thongs 12) When someone suggested that you go to college, you said that you don’t want to waste four years of your life 13) You’ve paid so much money in rent that you bought your landlord three houses 14) You can’t find $30 to save every week, but can always find $200 to get your hair done 15) You take pictures on facebook with a mouth full of money, but your family had to beg the church to pay the cost of your funeral 16) You thought you were saving money because you got the $300 Jordans for $250, when Nike only paid $15 to make the shoes in the first place

Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and founder of TheBlackBusinessSchool.com. He is also the creator of The Black Economic Empowerment Tour, designed to promote black financial literacy around the globe. You can learn more by visiting TheDrBoyceWatkinsTour.com.


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