Dr Boyce Watkins: It’s easier to start a business than it is to beg for a job


The other day, I woke up with a strange realization: I noticed that it might be easier to create your own business than to look for a job. These thoughts came to mind as I reviewed the fact that most applicants have to fill out dozens of applications to even get one interview. Then, if you get the interview, the odds are still against you to get the job. Finally, when you are black, we are often not happy with the job we receive, given that we are among the most targeted in America when it comes to workplace discrimination.

This article illustrates just how difficult it is to land that job you’re seeking, and that’s how hard it is for WHITE PEOPLE.


So, one of our major goals at The Dr Boyce Watkins Economic Empowerment Institute at Simmons College will be to shift the culture in a direction that breeds more business owners instead of leading people to believe that a job is their only pathway to economic salvation. Most jobs don’t even provide the salvation they promise…instead, they can bring on more stress an unhappiness than ever before.

So, I put together this video to illustrate my thoughts. The video is below.



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