Hi Mr walkkins i was walking down the street just from sending my son money to go to court…


Hi Mr walkkins i was walking down the street just from sending my son money to go to court tomorrow.To make a long story short he got shot by a white supremacy and Harrass by racist cops California.as i was walking i had my kids with me this lady came up to me and ask me did you ever put your kids in a agency i said i try but itwas a gig because i gave a this agency mt last. Money..i was hurt because all my African americans trying to put thier kids in the Industry and we get jerk.i told her.i was telli g her that my kids are talented with art andtheytrying to get it to recognize.she told me about you.i told her i do hair and i was telling her how many kids i help get thier hair done for less with any style just bring your equipment.if i can afford it i would of use my II own on thier head.now iam doing nails.i was telling her I've been doing this since i was cos osmetogy school.i could NOT afford myclassI. So i left my certicate. I thought that i could of OWN mywn my own hair salon.iwas telling her that i make wigs and she told me thatshe have cancer.she put the chills through ny body because i was telling my sister if i ever start my own business that ian. Was going to ge t cancer patientS for free for special orcs occasion.she gave me her numbeR .she imspire me.that i wanted to cry because history repeatus itself.If y tell me ir shiw me how ro change My life by get my own business o. Just my my kids art work i woul be happy.Iam not finish i akao have other things about me that is special i make hats and iam trying to get a company to pick it up everytine i walk down the street s with this hat in people ask me were did you get that hat. thankyou


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