White man pulled gun on me In Store i called police and ended up getting arrested.


I was in a store called dr phone fix back in January. My mom had a tablet fixed there and i saw that she was charged bit nothing was done to tablet and the guy clearly was lying i admit i cursed him and told him i would report him to better business bureau. When i got outside, I realized that i did not get receipt.

I went back into storeband asked for a receipt. The manager ran from behind counter and threatened me saying He was a bad ass and i didn't know him and he would whip my a#%. Eventhough he was right up on me i advised him that i wanted no problems i just wanted my receipt and i would leave. I did also asvise him that if he touched me i would beat him up. I then saw who i thought was another employee come from the back at that time i stopped talking to manager advised the other employee that i did not want talk to manager anymore because we were past the point of productive conversation and i just wanted receipt and i would leave. While i was talking to the other guy i was purposely ignoring the manager, because he had already threatened me and i saw nothing productive coming from us talking.

Next thing I know the manager quit talking went behind the counter and grabbed gun walked towards me cocked it and told me he would blow my brains out if i did not get out of store. I quickly put my hands up and left out of Store and called police.

When police arrived ingave them story, but they kept asking if i was sure i wanted to pursue this issue and i should just let it go. I advised them i could not because had that been a younger me or my little brother or cousin. Then there probably would have been a shooting or a physical altercation. I just told police to make sure they get tape and it would not be my word against his. The officer advised me that i could come and pick up report in three days. I went to get report and was told that i could not because i was considered the aggressor in the situation.

I went to magistrate and she advised me," You went into that guys place of business causing problems and he has right to defend his proerty". I asked her so by us having disagreement he has a right to pull a gun on me. Her reply was " THAT'S JUST THE WAY IT IS" which she had no problem repeating. So i contacted naacp president who i am on a committee with in our non profit the fatherhood initiative. He hae me to go to cheif of police department in Oxford Alabama where this all took place. He was livid after hearing my story. TherThere was no record of my side of story only report the store manager which was done after I left. Magistrate still refused to sign a warrant.i had to go to county district attorney which after that she didnt sign warrantbut sent him a subpoena to come to court. In court he lied and said all he heard me say was i was not afraid to go to jail for killing a white boy. Oddly the other guy ib the store was not subpoena the only witbesses were my fiancee and my year old son who was terrified asking why that mab wanted to kill me. When judges asked about video there were at least 5 cameras in store. He advised the judge that the files were corrupt. This was February 28 (Keep in mind this is A computer and phone repair. The judge put it under advisement which i still dont understand. Fast forward to June. I was pulled over in different county and arrested for harassment and told that the warrant had been active since February. We went back to court in August and i was told by prosecuting attorney that if i just dropped my charges he would drop his and we could put this behind us. Again the judge said it would be put under advisement which is where it is now. I cannot really afford lawyer right now but i know that this is not right. I would appreciate any help or info anyone had about tis situation. I feel i am being discriminated against not only for my color but for my size. The manager is about 5" 5 160. I am 6"4 325 and this why the police said i should let it go. Clearly that had been a war againt large black men around the country by different police departments. Some people say i should let it go. I tell them "IF HE HAD SHOT ME U WOULD BE MARCHING.


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