$16 Million Initiative To Create Jobs Started By Black Business


By Robert Stitt

TTTriumphant Enterprises 400, LLC, or TTTriumph400 for short, defines itself as a “cultural heritage social enterprise startup.” According to Black Enterprise, the business was birthed in 2014 in GA, moved to SC in 2015, and will now be an online business under “foreign entity” status with its base in Albany, GA.

The TTT stands for “Trade Transcending the TTET,” with TTET representing the “TransAtlantic Triangular (Enslavement) Trade.” The 400 represents the years of colonial legacy, which in America will reach 400 in 2019 (1619 to 2019). The American colonial period is said to have started at Point Comfort, VA, in 1619.

TTTriumph400 wants to raise $16 million for job creation. They hope to raise a large portion of this money through sales of their listing service “The Annual Commemorative Anchor400 Roll Call Digital Directory Series.” Black Enterprise notes that “The Anchor400 is comprised of 400,000 or more persons and entities who annually purchase at least one AnchoR unit of services or products such as the directory listings. An AnchoR unit is $40 or 400 dimes, representing the 400-year time period.”

Dr. Veronica Adams-Cooper, the founder of the TTTriumph400, says “Creating sustainable jobs is a very effective way of participating in decreasing the economic and social distress for populations generationally suffering from the legacy of inequity resulting from the TransAtlantic Triangular (Enslavement) Trade. As the 400-year milestone quickly approaches in 2019, the need has dramatically increased to address the distress.”

Headlining the endeavor is the Healing Summer 2016 campaign. This is a time period between now and September 21st when listings in the directory series may be purchased. According to the organization, those who participate in this project are the “pioneers of today who wish to assist in creating a new economy”. They honor their “forebears who never received salaries or benefits from their forced labor.”

For more information, visit www.16192019healing.net.



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