Black Doctor Wins Jeopardy For Two Days Straight


By Ryan Velez

Black success is something nice to see in any form, and The Black Loop reports one instance that many people in Louisiana may be talking about while the rest of the world is unaware. Jeopardy has been a household staple in televisions across the country for 34 seasons, but a Black doctor has managed to take home wins on the show two days in a row.

On an episode of the show aired Monday afternoon, Dr. LaKedra Pam finished out with $24,801, beating the competition by more than $20,000. Pam is an OB/GYN at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge. Not a bad sum at all. Pam managed to keep the tide of success going with another win the following day, winning with $7,999, bumping her total take up to $32,800 so far. Her third appearance will be Wednesday afternoon and many people will likely be waiting with bated breath to see if she can keep the streak going.

Interestingly, Dr. Pam’s biggest moment on the show, in her eyes, didn’t come from her winnings or being on TV. Instead, it was a chance for host Alex Trebek to give a shout-out to her father. Pam has admitted that it hasn’t been easy to watch the show after being on it, but she still has plenty of plans for the future, including talking about correctional medicine at an upcoming conference in March.

Repeat victories are something to be proud of, but Pam has a long way to go before she catches up to the all-time record holder, Ken Jennings. From June 2 through November 30, 2004, Jennings made a whopping 74 back-to-back appearances on the show. He amassed $2,520,700 over his 74 wins and a $2,000 second-place prize in his 75th appearance. However, Jennings doesn’t hold the record for most money won on the show, interestingly enough.

That honor goes to Brad Rutter, who has won a cumulative total of $4,355,102. This comes from not only an undefeated streak of his own, but also winning several tournaments from 2001 to 2014. He also holds the record for being the highest money-winner on American game shows, period, appearing on other game shows as well.



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