Cheaper to Keep Her: T.I. and Tiny Are Back Together- Financially, What Does This Mean For You?


By Ryan Velez

For a while, people have had a chance to follow the ups and downs of rapper Clifford ‘TI’ Harris and his estranged wife Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris through reality TV and other channels. However, it seemed like things were coming to an end last year when the couple was to get divorced. Now, it looks like the tables have turned once again, as The Jasmine Brand reports that the two have called off the divorce and are now moving back in together. One insider said, “They’ve been together for years and they truly love each other. Both of them realize what they have isn’t worth throwing away.”

However, it looks like the two are going to be taking a different approach to their relationship, a more private one in particular. Insiders mentioned that they don’t even want the public to know they’ve reconciled. “Everyone was in their business when they announced their split, so they’re trying to keep their marriage more private.” Perhaps this advice would be useful. By all accounts, with the divorce off the table and neither of them seeing anybody else, the two are giving their best shot at another chance.

With this in mind, we should revisit another classic idiom, the idea of it being “cheaper to keep her.” Does this really hold true? To get some financial perspective, let’s revisit a Black Enterprise article from 2011. The old saying stems from the conception that men generally get the short end of the stick in divorce, being put on the hook for alimony and less likely to get custody.

“About 84% of all alimony and/or child support awards go to the wife,” says Palanda A. Brownlow, Esq., a California-based lawyer who specializes in child and family issues. “Unsurprisingly, it’s generally the woman who drops out of the workforce to give birth, raise the children, and maintain the household. And a woman should never be penalized for making that decision simply because the marriage dissolves at some point.”

However, it’s important to realize that these formulas are all relative. Child support and spousal support are determined on a by-case basis, so when we hear these crazy celebrity divorce numbers, you have to realize that that’s related to their earning power. So, for the average person, cheaper to keep her may not be worth the pain of a failed relationship.



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