Fetty Wap’s Many Children And Their Many Mothers


By Ryan Velez

Paterson, NJ-based rapper Fetty Wap (born Willie Maxwell II) has had a lot of success over the last few years, which is something to give kudos for considering the rough background he grew up in. What is also notable is that he has created a rather non-traditional family in this time, with five of his six children in the last two years with different women. Being unmarried, Fetty Wap is well within his right to do so, but managing this may be a bit of a headache, as well as a lot of child support payments. RealCoolNation profiles the various mothers to his children.

Notably, only one of the women had any contact with Fetty Wap before he was famous, a woman named Reese from New Jersey. She has a four-year-old son with the rapper, and the two have known each other for the last 11 years. The two stay on good terms, with the woman regularly praising Fetty Wap for his accomplishments and his parenting skills.

The second woman on the list is Lezhae Zeona, the mother of Fetty Wap’s first daughter and the person responsible for most of the world knowing about the rapper’s “baby mama drama.” A video of the two arguing with Zeona wielding a knife went viral in November. At one point, it was rumored that Fetty would be arrested for threatening her, but this never came to pass.

The third woman is likely the most high-profile: Masika Kalysha, who used to be on “Love and Hip-Hop.” For a while, the relationship and pregnancy were in question, with Fetty accusing her of being after his money. However, it would later be confirmed that the child in question in his, and Fetty is now a regular part of the baby’s life, appearing at gatherings. However, this isn’t the end of the story. Social media has shown Fetty with a baby named Lauren, his supposed daughter with an unknown woman.

The last (potential) mother of his children is another Love & Hip-Hop alumnus, Alexis Skyy. This certainly is feasible, as the two have been on-again, off-again, for quite some time. In total, these babies are costing Fetty nearly $100k in child support, which can add up for a man with only a $2 million net worth.



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