By Robert Stitt

Does work seem overwhelming at times? Do the stacks of paper keep growing and never seem to get smaller? Do you ever feel like giving up? If the stress of work seems like it is going to cause you to drown in your paperwork, take heart. Black Enterprise provides a few ideas to allow you to swim through your sea of work.

Love Your List. By their very nature, lists allow you to organize your life. As an added bonus, scratching things off of a list provides a sense of accomplishment which is good for the emotions. If you are not a natural list maker, start small. In the morning, take some time to write down the tasks that need to be accomplished during the day, week, and month. Next, prioritize the list. As you start to finish the items, be sure to cross them out. If you don’t complete the list, that’s okay. It may take a few weeks to figure out the number of tasks that you can reasonably accomplish in a day.

Weigh the Work. As you are prioritizing your list, don’t put all of the small or easy tasks first, start the off by tackling the weighty or meaty tasks. This way, when the day, week, and month are coming to an end, what you have left are the easier items.

Be Honest and Realistic. Everybody wants to be a superman or superwoman. Yet, the reality is that most of us are not. Be honest with yourself and your supervisor as far as what you can handle. It’s better to finish your work and be able to take on more than to bust deadlines because you bit off more than you could chew.

Watch the Wandering. If you find yourself wandering, stop. Most people spend a large part of their day walking around. They go to the coffee pot, to the break room, to the bathroom, to another office, etc, etc. They spend so much time walking around that they don’t get anything accomplished. Not using time wisely also includes “over-checking” email, using work time for social media, spending too much time on the phone, daydreaming, and so forth. Use your time at work to grind out your projects so your free time can be truly free.

Help Yourself to Help. You don’t want to dump your burdens on others, but if you truly need help, ask for it. It is better to be honest and get the work done than to try to hide the need for assistance and stress over it.

Working wiser instead of harder is not always going to make the pile disappear, but it should help you feel better about the process.



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