Floyd Mayweather Claims UFC Wants Him To Come Out Of Retirement


By Ryan Velez

With a 50-0 record coming off of his massive win over Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather should be happily relaxing in retirement with all the money he’s made. However, the first fighter to ever surpass the $1 billion career earnings plateau, joining the likes of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, supposedly had an offer to make even more money. Celebrity Net Worth reports that this would come in the UFC.

Take this with a grain of salt, as the only source at the moment is Mayweather himself. In an Instagram Live video earlier this week, the 40-year-old retired boxer says that the UFC made him a huge offer to return to combat sports. Mayweather told fans watching his live stream that he could potentially "come back" to fighting "in the Octagon." He added that he could "do a three or four fight deal and make $1 billion."

Mayweather went on to say, "[The UFC] just called me not too long ago and asked me to come back. I can come right back. If I want to, I can come right back to the UFC." Many are quick to scoff at the idea of him changing sports at his age in this stage of his career, but one person thinks he can handle it: Conor McGregor.

"[Mayweather is] strong in the clinch [with a] great understanding of frames and head position. He has some very strong tools he could bring into mixed martial arts for sure," said McGregor.

McGregor also challenged Mayweather to an MMA fight last month." He did say an MMA fight. So if he wants to, lets f****** do it. There's not a hope in hell… I'd like to see him come over to our side and have a knock. I earned their respect and put myself out there. Style over to my side and earn our respect now," said McGregor during a Q&A session in Scotland. Considering the absurd amount of money both men made from their last fight, it makes sense that McGregor would be happy about a rematch in his domain. Notably silent in all this is UFC president Dana White.



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