From Being A Millionaire To Being Homeless – What Happened?


By Ryan Velez

Later, she was identified as Michelle Carter, 60, and a recent RollingOut article has added a sad dimension to her story. Carter was once a millionaire who had her money stolen in a tragic incident.

In 2005, Carter fell on the subway tracks and was hit by a train, losing both her legs in the accident. She would later sue the NYC Transit Authority and win a multi-million dollar lawsuit in 2014. However, reports would suggest that she was not wise with her newfound fortune, something that would only be compounded in 2015. Someone fraudulently cashed a settlement check in her name for $886,339.96, resulting in her living partially on the streets.

Carter is now suing JP Morgan Chase bank for cashing the stolen check. Her lawyer in the case, Robert Unger, stated “I was shocked that they cashed that check without any due diligence. Many times I have written out settlement checks for $10,000 or so, and the banks wouldn’t cash them without checking everything out.”

In the viral video on January 10th, Carter is seen smoking pot. In the video, a man can be heard in the background saying “that s—t is goofy!” Another man threatens to “deck” her but does not follow up on his words. Carter responds to the threat by yelling back “Get the f— off my train. Bye!” Unger finds little funny about the video. He notes that Carter, who splits her time between living on the street and with family, is mentally handicapped and not able to take care of herself. He called the behavior in the video “deplorable,” including those threatening and mocking hear.

“You can see she’s not normal and there they were cursing at her and threatening her,” Unger stated.



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