Going Online Becoming Costlier...Three ISPs Announce Price Hikes


By Victor Ochieng

If you're going to pay for Internet, be ready to part with some extra cash this coming year. This is after three major Internet Service Providers, Comcast, Frontier and Cox, announced hikes in their prices. The announcement by the three companies came a few days after Federal Communications Commission took a vote in which they rolled back net neutrality protections.

The timing of the ISPs’ decision is just wrong, but that could just be the least of their concerns. With the three major ISPs having made the announcement, a large number of people are going to be affected. The fact that the hikes are set to be implemented in January 2018 even makes it worse. It surely doesn’t give customers much time to react to the changes, modify their account plans or even just do away with their subscriptions altogether.

Karl Bode of DSLReports heard of the plans with the increases at Comcast, a mega-ISP that offers its services to millions of Americans. Then it also came to the fore that some other ISPs have similar plans, including the already mentioned Cox and Frontier, but also DirecTV and Dish Network.

Critically looking at the increases, they appear like a properly calculated move by the ISPs to raise the prices without loosing their customer base. All the ISPs that already made known their plans for the increases are doing so for basically the same services, with Bode pointing out that Americans who're enjoying the services will have no option but to pay "significantly more money for the same service in the new year." In a number of the cases, the price increases are stacked into existing bills, making it difficult for consumers to have a clear picture of how the hikes are distributed.

The changes also touch on conventional cable TV, but extends to other internet and internet-based packages.

“Even Comcast’s streaming TV service Instant TV, barely a year old, is seeing price hikes,” Bode noted. “Users that subscribe to this service can expect to pay $3 to $3.50 more per month in the new year.”

As for Comcast, that's not all. The company is also introducing a 10% increase in their modem rental fees. “Modem rental fees will be bumped $1 to $11 per month, while missed payment fees are also being increased fifty cents to $10,” the report continues.

Cox also announced a number of price changes, detailing that their starter internet package will jump from $34.99 to $36.99, Essential package jumping from $52.99 to $55.99, among other increases.

These are just a few of the increases taking place this season.



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