Here Are The Salaries Of This Season’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta Cast


By Victor Ochieng

By checking out the salaries of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta, you would be tempted to consider a career in reality TV. The show, which has performed pretty well since 2008, is currently running in its 10th season and is currently detailing the lives and business initiatives of six Atlanta women, married and divorced.

Admittedly, you don't talk about The Real Housewives of Atlanta without mentioning the name Nene Leakes. Without a doubt, she's one of the reasons why the show has been so successful, even when she was out of the show to pursue some other industry openings.

But that could also be the reason why the Broadway icon is being paid well. Her presence helps keep the show among entertainment industry's stable productions.

Recently, Radar Online shared some details about the salaries of the cast members, showing who among them earns more. Then Celebuzz would later come to give a deeper insight on who gets paid what figure and why so.

For her role in Season 10, Porsha Williams was awarded $100,000 in a pay raise. She only made $800,000 for the entire season. Williams is currently the youngest of the cast members and her low pay could just be because she's still new and, therefore, not pretty experienced when it comes to negotiating for pay.

Shereé Whitfield was among the first cast members of the show. She wasn't available for four seasons, five, six, seven and eight. In the current season, she's only earning around $1 million, just $200,000 more than she netted in her previous seasons.

Kenya Moore got a raise to earn $1.5 million for the current season, but that could just be the last she earns from Bravo in the near future. This is because producers of the show feel she's not being open about the truths about her life on camera.

Cynthia Bailey got the biggest raise this season, jumping from just $1.2 million to $1.6 million for her role in season 10. She has quite an intriguing storyline, particularly after divorcing her husband Peter and before they started dating again. Another interesting aspect of her life is her challenge managing her relationships with fellow stars Kenya and Nene Leakes, making great fodder for TV.

Kandi Burruss was the richest of the rest of the cast members before entering RHOA. She became a multimillionaire during her prior years in entertainment, earning a lot from her affiliation with the Xscape girl group. Her negotiation skills are just amazing, making it possible for her to almost always get exactly what she wants. She raked in $2 million after getting a $200,000 raise.

NeNe Leakes made a great milestone when she made her return to "RHOA" for the 10th season. Leakes is one of the original members of the show, but would leave the show in season eight because of other commitments. She was the highest paid in the season, earning $2.5 million.



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