In the job market, Blacks with Ivy League Degrees are treated like they went to state schools

rican-Americans in this country have been led to believe, both by the majority and the Black Respectability crowd, that as long as they work hard and pull up their pants, they too can live out the American dream.

A recent study tears away at that theory, however, suggesting that blacks who graduate from elite colleges do only as well as whites who graduate from less selective institutions.

According to the Social Forces survey, black and white graduates of elite universities are not treated equally by employers. After graduating from a school like Harvard, a white candidate receives an employer response for every six résumés he or she submits, while a black candidate receives a response for every eight.

“White candidates with degrees from less-selective universities can expect to get a response every 9 résumés, while equally qualified black candidates need to submit 15,” Inside Higher Ed reports.

Graduating From Harvard Won’t Help “DaQuan” Find a Job, Say Researchers

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“Most people would expect that if you could overcome social disadvantages and make it to Harvard against all odds, you’d be pretty set no matter what, but this experiment finds that there are still gaps,” said the paper’s author, S. Michael Gaddis, of the Robert Wood Foundation Scholar in Health Policy at the University of Michigan. “Once you get out, you still have to deal with other human beings who have preconceived notions and misguided stereotypes about why you were able to go to this college.”