In this message, alleged Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Long asks, “Where are the police body cameras?”


The release of these messages has been done to ensure that you can hear Gavin’s perspective in his own words rather than from the media.

In this message, Gavin speaks about the fact that, to his knowledge, the Baton Rouge police never released the body cam footage of the killing of Alton Sterling. According to the cops, the body cams of BOTH officers fell off during the altercation, and the footage hasn’t been released to the public to allow people to see where the camera fell off the officers’ bodies.

Long mentions these issues in the message below.

Take a look:

Peace Family,

The spirit brought me something today that I haven’t heard one person ask yet.And that is to demand to see the bodycam video from Alton Sterlin’s shooting. Yes they said the body cam fell off (and so allegedly thats why we couldnt see the shooting), but we (the people) still have a right to see the video no matter what happened. Let us see what was recorded anyway! We cant just take their word! If 2 body camera’s fell off then Let us see the videos with the body Cameras falling off (IF THATS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED).This is why they treat us like shit, because (1) they can tell us anything and we will accept it without questioning it, and (2) we dont stand on our rights. We must STOP being (quote un quote) Adults, Meaning, we must get back to our childlike curiosity.Think about it, never can you satisfy a normal child with just one answer to his question. The child continues to ask more questions once he receives an answer. However we as adults just take one answer and walk away with whatever answer someone gives us. Hell No! We have to quit this immediately! You continue asking questions until you get to the bottom of it! Question their answers.

Get out of that ‘adult mindset’ and get back into your ‘childlike mindset’ where you are still curious. Still searching. Still seeking. Thats how we are suppose to be forever. So remember this principle for the next incident or the next time they wanna give their half-ass answers.Question Everything…EVEN THE ANSWER THEY GIVE YOU!


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