Is Kevin Hart Trying To Cash In On His S*x Scandal?


By Ryan Velez

Many already know about comedian Kevin Hart’s s*x tape scandal, but if the promo for his upcoming standup tour is to be believed, he is trying to handle it in a way befitting him: using humor. However, EURWeb reports that not everyone is laughing at Hart making light of his poor fortune and choices.

The 15-second trailer shows Hart as different versions of himself on a tour bus, shouting out comments like “That man acting crazy again, ya’ll,” and “Boy, we talkin’ about you and that girl in Miami.”

Meanwhile, an announcer says: “Call him irresponsible. Call him immature. Just don’t count him out.” The “Miami” comment references Montia Sabbag, who came forward last month as the woman with Hart in a s*x video that was allegedly used for an attempt at extortion against him. Working with high-profile attorney Lisa Bloom, Sabbag said that she was not part of the extortion attempt. Tickets for the Irresponsible tour go on sale this Friday, Oct. 20, at 10 a.m. through Live Nation.

Bloom also said that Hart is trying to use the scandal as part of his act is a slap in Montia’s face. She referred to it as “distasteful,” due to Montia’s social media hacks, death threats, and slut-shaming. Bloom says, “This stuff takes a toll mentally and physically, and now with this tour, it’s like this whole thing was a joke.”

This creates a rather interesting question when it comes to pushing the limits of what is and what is not acceptable for comedy. Traditionally, one may say there are no limits on what people can make jokes about, but the tide is beginning to change. Some time ago, Chris Rock said in a Vulture interview that he refused to play on college campuses anymore due to the fact he felt he would have to censor what he was saying.

What Hart is doing is a little different, as this is less about offending people and more about talking about speaking about someone in a legal investigation that is ongoing. However, comedy is also about striking while the iron is hot, so Hart may have felt that he had no choice but to take it head on rather than ignore it. Chances are despite moral objections, Hart will still be selling out arenas during his tour.



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