Jamal Bryant teams up with Louis Farrakhan, and not everyone is happy


By Michal Ortner

Pastor Jamal Bryant, the leader of Baltimore-based Empowerment Temple Church, is hosting yet another event that he is calling a “history making moment.” Bryant will be joined by none other than Louis Farrakhan, the well-known face of leadership of the Nation of Islam. The broadcast, set to air on August 3, will be shown on “The Word Network.”

Bryant’s decision to make Farrakhan a featured guest on the program has left many Christians questioning his motives. While Empowerment’s pastor is known for inviting controversial religious figures into his church, 82-year-old Farrakhan seems to trouble the minds of some Christian viewers.

“Jamal finds himself in the company of and sponsoring false prophets. In recent past, persons in the name of Todd Hall, Brian Carn and Juanita Bynum. Who can forget Jamal standing by saying nothing while Juanita tells his congregation that she captured a picture of Jesus in the sanctuary on a cell phone?” writes the administrator of the blog, “Pimp Preacher.”

“So you nor I should really be surprised that he will be hosting Farrakhan who preaches another gospel not of Jesus Christ. Nor does Farrakhan know Jesus as Lord of His life,” the blog continues. “Now, I am not saying that persons who are not believers do not have a worthy contribution. What I am saying is that a Christian Broadcasting Network should not be the place for speakers like Farrakhan. But Farrakhan has been invited to speak for years at many churches on the local level.”

After Tweeting about the Empowerment Encounter special to his 214,000 followers, Bryant was asked by one user, “What God are y’all talking about here?”

Other users jumped into the conversation, saying that Christians should not be concerned with the religious beliefs of the speakers as long as they are promoting the rights of African Americans and justice.

One user wrote, “Awesome combination. Can’t wait.”

The hash tag that Bryant is claiming to promote the event is “#justiceorelse.”

What do you think? Is sharing the stage with a Muslim a compromise or a step towards necessary unity in the black community?


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