Jay-Z Speaks On Wealth, Race, And More


By Ryan Velez

From the street corner to the halls of business, few people know both sides of the tracks like Jay-Z. The New York Times Style Magazine recently published an interview where he spoke to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dean Baquet dropping bombshells like admitting to cheating on Beyoncé and disclosing his relationship with Kanye West. Black Enterprise covers some profound points that came up during the interview.

One elephant in the room that 'there is always a plus side, even in the bleakest situations and scenarios.' Jay-Z found a silver lining in all that is taking place, pointing out that racial discourse is now national discourse. Jay-Z argues that we are confronting these ills, which is a good thing because “what you reveal, you heal,” he said.

“The great thing about Donald Trump being president is now we’re forced to have the dialogue. Now we’re having the conversation on the large scale; he’s provided the platform for us to have the conversation.”

One shocking thing that he revealed is the fact that he has taken therapy and benefited from it. There has always been a mental health taboo in the Black community, especially among Black men.

“I grew so much from the experience. But I think the most important thing I got is that everything is connected. Every emotion is connected and it comes from somewhere. And just being aware of it. Being aware of it in everyday life puts you at such a … you’re at such an advantage. You know, you realize that if someone’s racist toward you, it ain’t about you. It’s about their upbringing and what happened to them, and how that led them to this point. You know, most bullies bully. It just happen. Oh, you got bullied as a kid so you trying to bully me. I understand.

And once I understand that, instead of reacting to that with anger, I can provide a softer landing and maybe, “Aw, man, is you O.K.?” I was just saying there was a lot of fights in our neighborhood that started with “What you looking at? Why you looking at me? You looking at me?” And then you realize: “Oh, you think I see you. You’re in this space where you’re hurting, and you think I see you, so you don’t want me to look at you. And you don’t want me to see you,” he shared.

One interesting point that came up is whether being wealthy has made Jay-Z more conservative. Short answer: no. “I believe in people. I want what’s best for people. I love people. You know, so I don’t have that sort of thing, like, I want to vote Republican just to save more money.

That’s not the endgame. It’s not about who got more money and who got more houses. Yes, you know, you’ve earned it, buy what you want.” He added, “don’t forget what’s important. Without people, being rich would be very boring,” he said.



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