Keyshia Cole Ordered To Pay Over Fight At Birdman’s Home


By Ryan Velez

EURWeb reports that a fight that singer Keyshia Cole got into back in 2014 is coming back to haunt her, with a judgment being entered against her for $100,635.

Sabrina Mercadel sued the singer for the 2014 incident, sparked when Keyshia went to Birdman’s West L.A. condo in the middle of the night and accused the Cash Money CEO of cheating on her. Mercadel says Cole yanked her hair and clawed her face and mouth, even saying she lost use of a finger as a result of the incident. Birdman, who was dating her at the time, broke up with her over the fight. It’s worth noting that the judgment is far lower than the $4 million that Mercadel was asking for.

Cole has a bit of a history of letting her temper get the better of her. One may recall some time ago where she allegedly egged a friend of Bow Wow’s car over a slight during the two’s relationship. She meant to egg Bow Wow’s car, but ended up egging the friend’s by accident. Here is some of our coverage of that incident.

“Bow Wow tweeted that "one of his exes" threw eggs and cake on two luxury cars outside of his home—but neither of them actually belonged to him. Bow Wow didn't disclose any specific names, but did add that he had security footage of the incident and had identified who it was.

Wackstar, a friend of Bow Wow's who owned the car that actually was egged, was less discreet, calling out Cole directly on Instagram for egging his car accidentally. "Keep me out of the bull****," he ended the message with. When asked by TMZ, Cole denied taking part in the incident, and also called out Bow Wow on Twitter for "snitching." Many fans don't entirely buy this line of thinking, though, pointing out two earlier tweets from Cole that could potentially reference the egging and indicate when it took place.

Many believe that this incident stems from Bow Wow breaking off the relationship, but no one can confirm for sure until further details are revealed, through social media or otherwise. This isn't the first time that Keyshia Cole has shown up in negative news, though.

Bow Wow appears to be taking the whole situation in stride, though. Bossip showed that he posted an image from the movie A Thin Line Between Love and Hate on his Instagram shortly after the incident. He had referenced the film in his original tweet about the cake being thrown on his friend's car.”



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