Looks Like Drake May Become A Sports Reporter


By Ryan Velez

Drake took the world by shock a little while ago when he announced that he was taking a temporary break from making music to try and make moves in Hollywood. However, he may be adding sports reporting to his repertoire soon, if a recent article from Black Enterprise is to be believed.

After watching the Raptors defeat the Charlotte Hornets game in Toronto last Wednesday, the Canadian artist stepped onto the court to interview players from his favorite NBA team. However, he did make a few rookie mistakes, like holding the microphone to himself while asking questions to Kyle Lowry. “So Kyle, you had 36, five, and six tonight. I just want to know, what prompts a performance like that? Season-high?” Drake asked.

“I watch a lot of Instagram. And I seen you singing last night, so, that kind of helped me out a little bit. I didn’t know you could sing still,” joked Lowry. “Ah, thank you. Very nice of you,” Drake responded. Drake also provided some running commentary during the game, including a few jokes about Jeremy Lamb’s leg tattoo.

“I feel like Jeremy Lamb has the answers to the third quarter woes tattooed on his right leg. It’s cryptic. It’s cryptic,” Drake said. “It’s drawing me in, boys. I don’t know. Something about it. What is that? What do you ask for when you get that? Give me the Da Vinci Code.”

The news of Drake’s new Hollywood plan came from an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where he said he had a top-secret project with Apple in the works. According to Jimmy Iovine, the music mogul who co-founded Interscope Records and currently runs Apple Music, Drake has the “go-ahead” to produce “whatever” shows or movies he wants with the company’s support. Iovine also expressed great confidence in Drake. “If I had a company today, I would give it to Drake and Future [Drake’s manager and business partner] to run in a minute. They’re incredibly talented guys. Very, very gifted,” said Iovine.

He also has a project in the works with Netflix. According to the report, the two have partnered “to revive the critically acclaimed but short-lived British crime series Top Boy (think an across-the-pond version of The Wire). Drake and Future along with LeBron James’ SpringHill Entertainment will executive produce the series, which will go into production early next year for a 2019 debut. The pair also is shopping the Sean Menard-helmed Carter Effect, which also may land at Netflix.”



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