Mom Allegedly Spent Thousands of Dollars in Donations to Finish Her Baby Daddy’s Rap Album

Thousands of dollars were donated to Taylor while she was facing charges, but now there are allegations that instead of putting the money away in a trust for her kids, Taylor used the money to help her boyfriend’s rap career.

Taylor, 35, left her 2 year old and 6 month old in her Dodge Durango for 45 minutes while she went on a job interview at a Farmer’s Insurance Office in Scottsdale, Arizona. When someone spotted the kids, police were called and Taylor was arrested.

Taylor, who told authorities that she was homeless at one point, rolled the windows down before going inside to the job interview.

The story of the poor single mom getting arrested while trying to get a job made national headlines and eventually thousands of dollars were donated to help Taylor get back on her feet.

“I had to make a choice between providing for my children and caring for my children,” she said during an interview with the “Today” show.

A judge eventually ruled that Taylor could escape charges if she put $40,000 of the donated money into a trust fund for her kids. Taylor, however, refused to put the money in a trust fund for her kids, thereby throwing away a “deal of a lifetime”, says her attorney, Benjamin Taylor.