Nigerian Couple Gives Cars To Their Wedding Guests


By Ryan Velez

Most people expect to take home a few souvenirs from a wedding ceremony, generally a small reminder of the couple and their special day. Attendees at a recent wedding in Nigeria are certain not to forget it, though, as EURWeb reports that the bride and groom actually gave out cars, among many other extravagant items, to the attendees. Interior designer Ehi Ogbebor married her oil and gas tycoon partner Kenneth Oboku in an extremely lavish ceremony in Benin City, Nigeria on Saturday.

Business Insider reports that the wedding appears to have come complete with a huge, multi-layer cake and a ritual that saw guests spray the newlyweds with money. The couple also gave away two brand new Toyota Camrys in a raffle draw.” Even for those who didn’t come home with the car, there are still plenty of things to win, including microwaves.

“I can't thank you all enough for the love... goodness it was almost a stampede..... So much love... Thanks so much to my friends.... goodness you all looked beautiful... came from far and wide to grace my wedding .. am grateful....and My Husband frds Wow!!!! Amazing... hall was so full pple couldn't walk freely.. outside was fuller... PICS LOADING SOON.... Pls my Asoebi frds pls indicate via dm if u ddnt get any gift,” wrote Ogbehor in an Instagram post. The bride, along with plenty of other guests, shared photos of the lavish ceremony on Instagram with the hashtag #ehiken2017.

While this may seem over the top by all accounts, Oboku can afford it. He reportedly holds a senior position in Italian oil and gas company Saipem, and some report that he is even a billionaire. While it may not be clear exactly how much money he has, it must be a lot, and he is no stranger to spreading the wealth, so to speak. Of course, as the CEO of Sayaveth Interiors and Hotel, the bride has her own money as well. She is also a mother of two. One can only imagine what the kids will get on their birthdays.



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