Pink Air Jordans Cause Turmoil Among Crowd Of Men


By Robert Stitt

This was the quote given about a video posted on Bossip showing a large group of African American men pushing and shoving to get in on the sale of some pink Air Jordan shoes.

Some of the other insightful comments about the short video clip include:

“I was in to jordans when i was high i realized that michael jordan dont help me pay my student loans, bills, or put money in my pockets, so i will not continue to put money in his.”

“Michael is getting richer while the black community struggles and i made the decision not to buy into the hype anymore..they are overpriced and shade though, because i had a few pairs when i was a teen so im not trying to be hypocritical lol.”

“Some people can’t afford food but they save every penny to buy Jordans..common sense is not common anymore.”

“We have billions in spending power, but it never stays in our communities. If it did, we would have way more power as a people, but we don’t. All that money flows out of our communities like water.”

“There was shooting at a Foot Locker in a neighboring city last weekend over those shoes. The paper said it was because this guy and his cousin bought the last two pairs. Who would have thought a pair men would battling over pink and white shoes.”

The battle over these pink Jordans are real and the stores have had enough. According to CBS Detroit, “Eastland Center in Harper Woods…was forced to close after rowdy crowds piled in for a chance to buy the newly-released Air Jordan Retro 12 “Vivid Pink” sneakers.” Police had to be called in to disperse the mob who broke the locks and gates. The store tried to reopen, but the same thing happened again.

William McClure, the mall’s general manager told the news, “Both times, it was shut down by the police for public safety—all over a tennis shoes.” The Kids Footlocker and several nearby stores decided to stop selling the shoes for safety reasons.

The same thing happened at the Westroads Mall in Omaha. Two men were shot in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota over the shoes, and a fight broke out in Madison, Wisconsin when the crowd found out there were only ten pairs of shoes at the location. These are just a few of the dozens of similar incidents occurring around the country over a pair of pink Jordans.



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