Remy Ma Puts Together New Record Deal, Starts Working With Lil’ Kim


By Ryan Velez

The Grio reports that Remy Ma has signed a new deal with Columbia Records, and is wasting no time using the platform to blast her rap nemesis, Nicki Minaj. TMZ explains that she was signed to a multimillion-deal by Shawn Holiday, and began working with Lil’ Kim on a diss track called “Wake Me Up.”

The track appears to focus on taking shots with Minaj’s relationship with Nas, firing off lines like “I heard he lay that d***. You let them filet that fish. You just met him how he bae that quick?” The two began having disagreements with each other as far back as 2007, but it wouldn’t be until earlier this year that the feud really went into full swing. Along with this new collaboration and record deal, Remy Ma is bringing on a new manager, Vincent Herbert. Herbert formerly represented his estranged wife Tamar Braxton before she filed for divorce. With all these new developments, it stands to reason that Remy Ma is excited, as she has shared artwork for the new collaboration all over Instagram.

Remy Ma first came to the scene with her debut album and lone release (for now) There's Something About Remy, dropped in 2006 under SRC Records, Universal Records and Terror Squad. While the album underperformed in its opening week, it did spawn several popular singles.

The deal with Columbia Records marks one of several developments since Remy Ma was released from prison in 2014, arrested for 7 years in 2014 for shooting a member of her entourage over $3000. This would result in a conviction for including the 2015 single “All The Way Up”. According to Baller Alert, she had offers from several labels before choosing to sign with Columbia. She has also managed to parlay her fame into a reality TV gig, joining the cast of VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop in 2015. Fans of Remy Ma’s music are certain to wait with baited breath for her first solo album since getting out of jail.



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