Robert Kraft Likes The Idea Of Diddy Owning The Carolina Panthers


By Ryan Velez

The Grio reports that the notion of Diddy owning the Carolina Panthers NFL team is starting to get around to other owners, and the rapper turned businessman may have at least one major name in his corner should he try to go through with it: Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. When TMZ asked him about it, Kraft had nothing but praise: ”[Diddy’s] a good businessman. He’s a very good businessman, and I have a lot of respect for Diddy.”

To throw a bit of water on the fire here, Kraft is giving a perfectly acceptable answer, but it remains to be seen how seriously a bid from Diddy would be taken. This would make him the first African-American majority owner of an NFL team, though Diddy would likely need partners in order to put together an acceptable bid. The current owner, Jerry Richardson, made the decision to sell the team after being accused of s*xual and racial harassment from several people over the years. Diddy getting the nod here would be a great sign of progress, but would Kraft and other owners be willing to vote to let the motion go through?

Diddy already has some plans, including utilizing Colin Kaepernick. “I will immediately address the Colin Kaepernick situation and put him in the running for next year’s starting quarterback,” Diddy said in a video posted to Instagram. “It’s just competition, baby. It’s just competition.” One can only wonder how current quarterback Cam Newton feels about this unexpected competition, considering that he has performed well, even getting a Super Bowl appearance to his name.

Kaepernick, on the other hand, is more interested in ownership, it would seem. “I want in on the ownership group! Let’s make it happen!” he tweeted. Over the last year, Kaepernick has taken advantage of his time off the field to become a flashpoint for social justice issues in the NFL and beyond. It certainly makes sense for him to try to get in a position of leadership following this. Public displays are one thing, but business power is another way to get things done. With Diddy and Kaepernick working together, the NFL may be able to see some meaningful changes.



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