The 25 Highest-Paid Musicians Of 2017


By Ryan Velez

With the year coming to a close, Celebrity Net Worth has compiled the 25 highest earning musicians in the world, and it’s likely you’re going to see a bit of déjà vu. Diddy still holds on to the title of the highest earner, which may be a bit of a surprise considering that he hasn’t put out an album at all this year.

However, the bulk of Diddy’s earnings this year come from his Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour. This combines with his stake in Ciroc Vodka and the $70 million sale of one third of the Sean John clothing line. Combined, he has earned $130 million over the past year, a career best for the 48-year old mogul.

In second place is Beyoncé, the only other musician this year to make over $100 million over this past year. A major earner for her over the year was the Formation World Tour, which grossed $250 million during the scoring period. Rounding out the top 3 was Drake, with $94 million. Notably, he was the most streamed artist in the world for the past few years. His huge payday this year comes in part from his Boy Meets World Tour.

Many of the other acts on the list are stalwart acts that have been around for decades. Interestingly, touring is still a major earner. Big names like Taylor Swift and Jay-Z are lower on the list partially because they didn’t do a lot of tour dates.

This is the full list the 25 highest-paid musicians of the year:

#24. (tie) Jennifer Lopez – $38 million

#24. (tie) The Chainsmokers – $38 million

#22. (tie) Bruno Mars – $39 million

#22. (tie) Tiesto – $39 million

#19. (tie) Jay Z – $42 million

#19. (tie) Celine Dion – $42 million

#19. (tie) Luke Bryan – $42 million

#18. Kenny Chesney – $42.5 million

#17. Taylor Swift – $44 million

#16. Calvin Harris – $48.5 million

#15. Jimmy Buffett – $50.5 million

#13. (tie) Red Hot Chili Peppers – $54 million

#13. (tie) Paul McCartney – $54 million

#11. (tie) Elton John – $60 million

#11. (tie) Garth Brooks – $60 million

#10. Metallica – $66.5 million

#9. Adele – $69 million

#8. Bruce Springsteen – $75 million

#7. Justin Bieber – $83.5 million

#6. Guns N Roses – $84 million

#5. Coldplay – $88 million

#4. The Weeknd – $92 million

#3. Drake – $94 million

#2. Beyoncé – $105 million

#1. Diddy – $130 million



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