These Dead Celebrities Are Making Bank- Find Out Who


By Ryan Velez

While it may little comfort to the people who miss them, it’s quite a surprise that death can’t stop some celebrities from still making significant earnings from their careers. Celebrity Net Worth has compiled some of the biggest names that are also making the biggest posthumous hauls. Some are expected, but a few may also serve as a surprise.

Eight years after his death, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is still on top of the industry, making a massive $75 million in earnings for 2017. This reflects a massive interest in his music, even after his death, but it's a few different avenues that are contributing to this take. One is Michael Jackson's Halloween, an hour-long special featuring a soundtrack of Jackson's music, scoring the antics of a dancing pumpkin, feline scientist, and a spider security guard. Other factors include his Cirque du Soliel show in Las Vegas, his share of the EMI music catalog, and a new album, Scream. Even this number is a substantial drop from last year, when he earned $824 million, and was the highest-earning celebrity dead or alive. This year, he ties with Bruce Springsteen, the 17th highest earning celebrity.

In second place is Arnold Palmer, between his branded AriZona beverage and clothing in Asia. Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts, is in third place due to his MetLife campaign with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. MetLife actually retired the cartoons from the campaign, but Schulz has a contract that is still good until 2019. While the list is dominated by artists and musicians, there are some exceptions. For example, Albert Einstein is actually #10 on the list, with his image licensed on all kinds of products, from posters to computer tablets.

Here is the full list from Celebrity Net Worth:

#13. Bettie Page (died 2008) – $7.5 million

#12. Elizabeth Taylor (died 2011) – $8 million

#11. David Bowie (died 2016) – $9.5 million

#10. Albert Einstein (died 1955) – $10 million

#9. John Lennon (died 1980) – $12 million

#8. Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel (died 1991) – $16 million

#7. Prince (died 2016) – $18 million

#6. Tom Petty (died 2017) – $20 million

#5. Bob Marley (died 1981) – $23 million

#4. Elvis Presley (died 1977) – $35 million

#3. Charles Schulz (died 2000) – $38 million

#2. Arnold Palmer (died 2016) – $40 million

#1. Michael Jackson (died 2009)– $75 million



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