This Man Got 55,000 Instagram Followers With Only 6 Posts- Learn His Secrets


By Ryan Velez

In an age where Instagram followers can easily be converted into sales and dollars, anyone who can rack up over 55,000 followers in only five months clearly has something working for them. “A friend of mine from LA contacted me this past winter and told me the industry needed my look,” he says. A native of Massachusetts, Hollins recently interviewed with RollingOut regarding his work and how he managed to turn it into Instagram attention.

Hollins is the type of person who isn’t content to work in just one area. “I’m writing my own screenplays. I understand the basic outline and have some software that guides me with the formatting. A close friend of mine is an established writer and former Broadway talent. He’s been my main source of coaching and reference. Eventually, I plan on taking some acting workshops and, of course, a private coach.” Acting may be his planned bread and butter, but it sounds like he is building skills that will guide him well on any chosen path. “I see myself [as] a consummate creative in entertainment, optioning projects nationally as well as abroad,” he says regarding his future.

When it comes to putting together an Instagram following, “I focused a lot of my time and energy towards creating traffic on my page for the first few months that I was on social media. I guess you could say I found a formula that works,” Hollins explains. Part of this is maintaining his physique. “I’ve adapted and combined multiple training methods over the years. What works best for me is a blend of calisthenics, strength training, and bodybuilding principles.” Part of this discipline may stem from his time in the Army. When the time comes to prepare for a photoshoot, Hollins explains that there isn’t that much he has to do as a result.

“I don’t do a lot of prep for shoots in particular. At a shoot, I suppose I’ll do a quick workout to get the blood flowing, but that’s about it. I generally eat pretty balanced meals and train in the gym seven days a week. I’m always camera ready.” This is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to marketing success, though. When it comes to success in entertainment, he recommends that people “brush up on their psych skills, develop a marketing plan, and be willing to take some chances.”


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