Travis Scott Sued By Fan Paralyzed At His Concert


By Ryan Velez

One thing is for sure, Travis Scott can put on a show. On one occasion, a show in Arkansas had him arrested and charged with inciting a riot when things got out of hand. While one can expect mosh pits and stunts at a Travis Scott show, Celebrity Net Worth reports that he may regret one show. With a fan suffering a major injury after attending, the fan is now taking Scott to court, and putting together some heavy legal action.

Kyle Green, a 23-year-old who attended Travis Scott's show in New York's Terminal 5 on April 30, claims that he was paralyzed after being pushed off a third-story balcony during the show, and now has to use a wheelchair. Green has filed a lawsuit against Scott, Scott's manager David Stromberg, concert promoter the Bowery Presents, and the security company, Strike Force Protective Services, seeking undisclosed damages. His lawyer says that he is suing for "negligence, carelessness, and recklessness."

At first glance, video from the event suggests that Green may have a case beyond simply blaming Scott for his own lapses in judgement. Video shows Scott telling fans from the second floor balcony of the venue to jump into the crowd, ensuring fans that "they're [the fans below] are going to catch you." Green says that he did not jump willingly, but was pushed. Video clearly shows him remaining on the floor of Terminal 5.

After the fall, Green says that security guards "scooped [him] up" after Scott yelled at his security guards to bring him to the stage. "Pick him up," Scott can be heard saying in the aforementioned video. The lawsuit says Green was moved without a backboard or neck brace. Scott gave Green a diamond ring on stage, presumably an attempt to make up for his injuries.

Green likely doesn’t see it that way, though. According to the lawsuit, he suffered a fractured vertebrae, a fractured right ankle, and a broken left wrist, which resulted "in extreme pain and suffering, loss of earnings, emotional distress, and medical expenses."

Travis Scott’s camp has yet to put together a response to the lawsuit, but they said following the concert that they would put together an internal investigation. "We are deeply concerned about the guest who was injured and intend to offer him our support," said their statement following the incident.



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