What Is The Monetary Amount Harvey Weinstein Stands To Lose?


By Ryan Velez

By all accounts, Harvey Weinstein’s career is over. The Hollywood producer is under fire for a massive s*xual harassment scandal involving some of the biggest actresses in Hollywood. Combine this with him getting fired from the company he co-founded, The Weinstein Company, and a wife divorcing him, it sounds like Weinstein’s bank account is poised to take a hit. Celebrity Net Worth profiled Weinstein’s net worth, and how much of it he may lose over his legal troubles.

At the moment, Weinstein’s personal net worth is $300 million. This includes the estimated value of the 21% ownership stake he has in The Weinstein Company. There’s a bit of uncertainty of this area, because as mentioned before, he’s been fired from that position. As for that stake, there are several things that can happen. One may be his partners, including brother Bob Weinstein, moving to buy him out. It may also be likely that they claim that since Harvey was fired for cause, they owe him nothing. There’s also the potential that since the damage he caused to their brand forced them to change the name and essentially start from scratch. If this was to happen, the value of his share would be almost nothing.

There’s also the matter of Weinstein’s divorce from fashion designer Georgina Chapman. Georgina co-founded a women's fashion line called Marchesa, famous for dresses that actresses wear on the red carpet. It’s been a long-time rumor that Weinstein forced actresses in his movies to wear the dresses his wife made. As a result, the brand may have suffered irreparable damage due to his actions, potentially a driving factor in the speed of the divorce, shortly after the scandal was revealed in the New York Times.

Georgina and Harvey have been dating since 2004. They were married in 2007 and have two children together. All the money Harvey earned in the last decade, as well as the three houses they lived in together, will be considered community property. This means that even a prenuptial agreement won’t be enough to stop it from being split cleanly down the middle. This isn’t leading to the lawsuits that are certain to hit Weinstein as well. Between all these factors, Weinstein could easily lose over $100 million in the fallout of the scandal.



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