What Will Happen To Robert Mugabe’s Daughter's Property?


By Ryan Velez

Following the resignation of Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe, the eyes of the world have been pushed to the country, as well as to the many abuses of power that Mugabe, his cronies, and his families enjoyed while the country’s economy plummeted into one of the poorest in the world. Now, the Telegraph reveals that one of Mugabe’s daughters brought on Chinese builders to create an extravagant mansion for her on state land originally intended for a school.

His eldest child, Bona Mugabe, 27, had plans to put together a hillside sprawling mansion on Umwinsidale Road on the outskirts of Harare. However, the ousting of Mugabe from power has left the construction project in limbo, with the contractors taking down their tools and removing their bulldozers and equipment. With construction having already started and damage being done to the hillside, what will the land be used for now?

Police are still guarding the area, which is littered with concrete foundations, scaffolding and pipes, and told the Sunday Telegraph the Chinese builders had left the site. According to neighbors, Bona and her husband originally scouted the area in June, and laid down the first foundation in October.

Rusty Markham, councilor for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change Party, told the Telegraph: 'This was City of Harare land. Planning years ago was that a school would have been built on this site.

'It is a mystery how this couple landed up with this property.'

The paper informed a senior Zanu PF MP about the Mugabe's clear plans to use land meant for the state to bolster their own assets and he claimed to be unaware of the situation.

He added: 'Planning was that a school would be built on this site.

'It is a mystery how this couple landed up with it.'

The property is a tiny part of the vast Grace Mugabe property portfolio uncovered by a Telegraph investigation. At the moment, it casts a light on exactly how many state resources were used by Mugabe and his circle for personal use during their time in power, as well as what will happen to this empire of property now that he is no longer in power.



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