Who Is Charles King And What Is He Doing For Black Films?


By Ryan Velez

When it comes to Hollywood, most of the people that we look to are the stars and directors that put together the films that we have come to love. Some of these names are some of the most beloved figures in the Black community, but they wouldn’t get the chance to hone their crafts without the behind the scenes figures that put together their opportunities. theGrio recently discusses Charles D. King, a CEO who is planning to build a media empire that will provide plenty of ways to multicultural perspectives to come to the fore.

King is a former Hollywood agent, who worked with names from Oprah Winfrey to Missy Elliott, but his latest venture is Macro, a company he launched in 2015. Macro creates and funds films, shows, digital projects and brands. King’s name started making headlines earlier this fall, when he raised $150 million for future projects. To date, Macro has brought us award-winning films like Fences, Netflix’s Mudbound, and his latest venture, Roman J. Israel, Esq. starring Oscar winner Denzel Washington. Clearly, Macro is putting out a quality product.

In an interview with theGrio at an NYC screening of Roman J. Israel, Esq., King opened up about why he left his top agency job at WME to pursue his dream of running a media company:

“I was blessed to work with some of the most amazing artists and filmmakers and media personalities. But ultimately I realized the true power was going to the other side by being able to bring capital to bear,” King explained.

“To be able to tell stories from communities authentically; that was going to happen by bringing capital rather than having to go to the marketplace and ask for permission to tell our own stories.”

King had a strategy, taking a job in the mailroom at his former agency WME before working his way up over 12 years to become the first African-American partner in the firm’s history. “The ultimate dream is for it to be a business and a brand that will be around 100 years in the future when I’m long gone. That just like we have Disney and FOX, you’ll have Macro.” “You’ll have a media company… that will have helped to uplift and economically empower communities and communities of color, while lifting culture in a really smart and thoughtful way.”



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