Why An Apple Employee Was Fired After Daughter's Hands-On Video Swept The Internet


By Victor Ochieng

Reports have indicated that Apple has fired one of their engineers after his daughter's iPhone X hands-on video surfaced online and went viral. Brooke Amelia Peterson released the video on her vlog, detailing her trip to an Apple campus to visit her father, an Apple engineer, to see the yet to be released iPhone X. The video was quickly picked up by several other blogs, including 9to5Mac.

Now, Peterson has come out to report to the world that her father has been dismissed as a result of her viral video. She explained in tears that her father, by allowing her to film the unreleased iPhone, violated the company's rules. Some reports have indicated that Apple requested the engineer's daughter to bring down the video, but the request came in too late in time, being that it had already spread all over.

Even though the video appeared innocent, it included a video of an iPhone X bearing an employee-only QR codes. What also came out clearly is a notes app on the iPhone that appeared to bear code names of some unreleased Apple products.

One thing she should have been aware of is that Apple doesn't allow filming within its campuses. That means going as far as filming a product that hasn't even hit the markets is a serious and punishable violation.

This isn't the first time someone is being shown the door for compromising the company's secrecy policy. A Microsoft employee was fired after his son released images of Xbox 360 before it was released. The Apple employee being hounded out in this latest incident had been working with the company for the past four years, building iPhone RF and developing wireless circuit design.

The company hasn't responded to a request by The Verge on the authenticity of the story about the dismissal of the engineer.

When it comes to tech products, the rule of thumb is keeping all the details relating to a yet-to-be-released product secretive and only waiting for the most opportune time to unveil them in a bid to excite the potential buyers before it hits the market.

Unfortunately, information relating to such products often end up leaking to the outside world, with many blogs earning so much from such leakages. Employees found to be behind such leakages always find themselves in the wrong books of their respective employers, with some losing their jobs as a result.



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