Ava DuVernay “Shero” Barbie Sold Out As Soon as It Went On Sale


By Robert Stitt

Evelyn Mazzocco, the Senior Vice President, Global Brands Creative for Barbie Media, said, “Barbie has always represented that girls have choices, and this spring we are proud to honor six Sheroes who through their trade and philanthropic efforts are an inspiration to girls,” According to The Grio, the women who will be honored are:

  • Ava DuVernay: Director of 2015 Academy Award Best Picture nominee, “Selma,” and founder of African American Film Festival Releasing Movement.
  • Emmy Rossum: Golden Globe nominated actress and spokesperson for Best Friends Animal Society.
  • Eva Chen: The youngest appointed female Editor-in-Chief of a national fashion magazine, Lucky.
  • Kristin Chenoweth: Emmy and Tony Award nominee and winner and founder of the Kristin Chenoweth Art & Education Fund.
  • Sydney “Mayhem” Keiser: Five-year-old fashion designer whose work appeared in Vogue and who signed with J.Crew for the “Little Mayhem for J.Crew” collection, launching in June.
  • Trisha Yearwood: Award-winning country artist, best-selling author and Food Network host and entrepreneur.

While we can’t be certain how the public will receive all of these dolls, we know that people were waiting in anticipation for the release of the Ava DuVernay doll. How do we know this? Because the moment it went on sale it sold out. To be fair, it actually took 20 minutes.

DuVernay responded with a tweet, “What the hell is going on? #bananas #nuts #whoa.”

Mazzocco noted that the Barbie line was “started by a female entrepreneur and mother, this brand has a responsibility to continue to honor and encourage powerful female role models who are leaving a legacy for the next generation of glass ceiling breakers.”

DuVernay is donating all of the proceeds from the doll sales to ColorOfCHange and WitnessOrg. Her dolls will be available in their second round through Amazon.