‘Black Card Revoked’ Game In Time For The Holidays


Revoked’ Game In Time For The Holidays

By Victor Ochieng

“Your black card is revoked!” is a phrase that many of us have heard at one time or another. That moment when you’re together with your peers and you reveal that you haven’t done or don’t know something common among blacks, and the first thing that comes out of your friend’s mouth is “Your black card is revoked!”

If you’ve experienced that, there is something more for you, and this time it’s coming in the form of a game, and it’s called Black Card Revoked.

The game was an idea of Latesha Williams, a marketing consultant and entrepreneur, and a group of her friends from Brooklyn, New York. The team developed the game earlier in the year and it has performed very well in the market, getting completely sold out for the festive season.

Williams reveals that the idea of the game was inspired by Black Twitter hashtags such as elebritiesonlyblackpeopleknow, #thanksgivingwithblackfamilies, the kinds of which sparked laughter and sweet memories of the practices and cultures of different groups. So, Black Card Revoked is really the culmination of such.

Williams says that although they had the idea in place, putting it into reality involved a lot of research and development.

“We argue, vote, argue some more, and then finally test cards out on friends and family. Fine-tuning games is important to us; we always want to love what we put out,” she stated.

In an interview with BlackEnterprise.com, Williams revealed that they’ve got products in line for their customers, having sold out their first roll out of Girl’s Night Out. The team has “Jollof Rice & Fufu” in line for release in February 2016, and is a celebration of West African culture. That isn’t all, the team is also set to introduce Femme Mogul, which is a program geared towards inspiring women through entrepreneurship.

When asked what experience she’s had where she was told that her Black card needed to be revoked, she declined to reveal, but gave an example of Jay who told Artist Keturah Ariel, his sister, that she needed her Black card revoked because she didn’t know James Weldon Johnson.

The biggest challenge that Williams and team have faced is managing the growth of their idea.

Besides being the founder for Cards For All People, Williams is a marketing consultant. She has worked with LeBron James, managing to broker deals for the star with reputable companies like Coca-Cola, CarMax, Viacom, and Champs Sports. Her partner Jay, who’s also a co-founder of Black Card Revoked, works as a software developer and is an entrepreneur.