Black Friday Pushed The Owner Of Amazon To $100 Billion


By Ryan Velez

Black Friday saw a lot of money change hands as people tried to take advantage of great deals both in stores and online. While many people may be happy with their hauls, chances are that no one is as happy as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Celebrity Net Worth reports that an upswing in Amazon sales for the quarter is doing a lot for his own personal net worth, and the money coming in on Black Friday may have pushed him over the top to an important milestone.

A few months ago, his net worth was $80 billion, but that number seems light years away given recent developments. As of this writing, Amazon's stock price is up nearly 3% on the day. Americans reportedly spent $1.5 billion online on Thanksgiving evening alone, and the numbers are still being crunched in regards to how much was spent on the Black Friday weekend.

The stock is currently trading at $1179 per share. Bezos owns 80 million shares. That means his Amazon stake alone is worth $94 billion. When combined with his various other assets and investments, it's not unreasonable to estimate that Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $97 billion at this moment. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that if Amazon's price per share hits $1,210, Bezos' net worth will break $100 billion. While this is a massive development, Bezos wouldn’t be the first to do it.

In July 1999, at the peak of the dotcom bubble, Bill Gates' net worth briefly hit $100 billion. When you adjust for inflation, that's technically the same as $140 billion today. However, Gates is only one of many to hit this mark. Titans of industry like Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and Henry Ford are some names that you may expect, accounting for inflation. But perhaps the biggest shocker of all is that the all-time record holder is a black man.

Mansa Musa of Mali ruled from 1280 – 1337 and ruled the Malian Empire which covered modern day Ghana, Timbuktu and Mali in West Africa. At the time, his empire produced half the salt and gold known in the world, and accounting for inflation, his net worth was over $400 billion at its peak. Unfortunately, following his death, civil war and invaders were too much for his heirs, and that massive number eroded to nothing.