“Cash Me Ousside” Girl Makes Bank With Record Deal


By Ryan Velez

From Dr.Phil to viral fame, Danielle Bregoli has found unprecedented and what some would call undeserved success, cashing on her initial TV debut with rumors of large appearance fees and even a potential reality TV show in the works. Maxim now reports that she has signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, who have represented names like Led Zeppelin, Bruno Mars, and Wiz Khalifa.

At this point, some may be asking what exactly the 14-year old, rapping under the name of Bhad Bhabie, has done to earn such a deal. One need look no further than the recently released video to her single, 'These Heaux.' Like just about anything else she does, the video racked in around 22 million views in the two weeks since it dropped, nothing to scoff at. Whether people are enjoying the music, curious to see what Bregoli does next, or are treating it like a circus act, a view is a view, and so long as she draws interest, there’s no reason why Atlantic wouldn’t want to take the chance to cash in (pun not intended).

A week prior to the debut of the video, when the song itself released, 'These Heaux' started at #77 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Bregoli the youngest female rapper ever to crack the list. Again, everything else aside, that type of record proves that viral attention is more valuable of a currency than we may be giving it credit for, being parlayed into something more than ironic attention.

What may be a bit more of a realistic concern is whether or not Bregoli is able to handle the added fame and money that will come with the multi-album deal. At the moment, she is on probation for a five-year period on multiple charges. She has accomplished a lot since her infamous appearance on Dr. Phil, but balancing a music career is difficult for any 14-year old, let alone one that has already had some brushes with the law. For better or for worse, it looks like the spotlight will still be on her for some time yet, so we will likely see soon enough how this rap chapter works out for her.