Christopher Freeman Shares How He Turned Himself from A High School Dropout to a Prosperous Entrepre


By Victor Ochieng

Christopher Freeman and Marcellus Womack have co-authored a book titled “Dope Black Boy 2 Rich Black Man.” The book tells the story of Freeman, a high school dropout who transformed himself over the years to become a very successful businessman. From the age of 14, he started selling crack before transforming into a major dealer, raking in more than $50,000 in profits.

Living on the wrong side of the law, Freeman wouldn’t be free for long; he was apprehended by police officers and locked up for 8 years.

But that didn’t dampen his spirit. Instead, he picked himself up and transformed his life, employing the business skills he earned on the streets to start building a multimillion-dollar hair business, Beautiful Hair 4 U.

In an interview with RollingOut, he shared his story.

He revealed that he wrote the book to be an inspiration to young Blacks and to help parents understand their children better.

The book says that in every person, there are “seeds of business greatness.”

According to Freeman, writing isn’t easy, and it takes determination. It’s for that reason that he never gave up, knowing that penning the book could positively impact the lives of others. The book provides invaluable information and possible solutions that can help uplift black culture and provide core ideas to earning business success and greatness.

Freeman reveals that in as much as writing is a challenging process, he didn’t have a problem coming up with a concept for his book “because it’s always based on something people need to hear.” The most challenging part for him, however, was carrying out research to help put the book together. Another challenge he mentioned is “writing words that reflect what went through verbatim.”

Freeman mentioned “The Prince” by Machiavelli as the book that has had the biggest impact in his life. Asked about the book he’s currently reading, he revealed he’s actually reading “Dope Black Boy 2 Rich Black Man,” a book he says he wouldn’t want to change anything about even if he had a chance to do so.

Freeman is a perfectionist, who likes doing things with precision.

Interestingly, his interest in business didn’t just start with dope. He said: “I started a candy selling business with a crew of sellers and walkie-talkies in the 6th grade.”

Those who would like to purchase his new book can find it here.