Creflo Dollar is further proof that ‘prosperity gospel’ is full of false profits


and his family. The show’s airing of dirty laundry, and the Tankard clan’s penchant for the material, made me wonder about the multimedia age’s effect on Christian worship—which seems to be jumping the shark on a routine basis.

Virtually at that very moment, Creflo Dollar’s name began trending on Twitter. In a day that will likely live in infamy for his World Changers Church, the good reverend issued a bold plea for $65 million dollars. Not to feed the poor, or perhaps protect Christians being persecuted and murdered in other parts of the world, mind you—but to name and claim a new Gulfstream G650 (one of the most elite planes on the private jet market). You see, Rev. Dollar’s last plane had engine troubles, and now his movement needs that G650 so that World Changers “can continue to blanket the globe with the Gospel of grace.” Apparently, that monumental task can’t be accomplished flying commercial.

At the risk of mixing religious metaphors (and with preemptive apologies to my Jewish friends), Rev. Dollar’s fundraising request—which it should be noted was quickly removed from its website after it caught fire on the Internet—is the very epitome of chutzpah. Like many of the adherents of the so-called prosperity gospel, it would also appear Rev. Dollar has had his Oral Roberts moment.