Dr Boyce Watkins: Don’t teach your kids to get a job, teach them to CREATE a job


Many of us teach our kids how to grow up and work for other people. But wise parents teach their kids how to create their own jobs. In this video, I speak with Zachary Rinkins, a wealth adviser, about what it takes to build wealth and how you have to look at money in order to get ahead. Take a look.


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That should be the goal of every black family in America, Teaching every black child age 7 to 17 on how to create JOBS rather than seek Jobs would alleviate the high black youth unemployment in the short run but above all develop a sense of responsibility among our black youths to cooperate in establishing profitable ventures. Even if some may fail, those that succeed would hire those and fail and be able to put their intellectual resources together to produce a more viable venture that benefits the entire black community (Tax benefits - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFy8aIX8PNU) Study the Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki and understand how big businesses operate -https://campusmillionairesclub.asirviago.com/mobi-vp-1?vid=638 Just invested in Light-Phone on Republic https://t.co/ruZelRiCco

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