Fast and Effective Ways To Win Customer Referrals


By Victor Ochieng

It feels good seeing your business grow. Granted, every entrepreneur who wants their businesses to realize growth must be ready to put in some efforts, and these include marketing the business products and services.

When it comes to marketing, word of mouth still remains among the leading approaches, regardless of the kind of business. It accounts for between 20% and 50% of all purchase decisions.

To build this, you must handle your existing clientele in a manner that inspires them to talk about your business with others and send you referrals.

Below are some of the fast and effective ways to get your customer referrals, as outlined by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), a community of reputable business professionals.

Offer supplementary services at “a cost” – Some companies pay their customers huge sums to encourage them to refer their friends and families to their business to the extent that they narrow their profit margin. However, you can have customers bring you referrals by simply offering them supplementary services, although at a small fee.

Provide your existing customers with exclusive experience – In today’s world, customers have so many options that offering price incentives alone is no longer that effective. This is why you have to go the extra mile of creating a relationship with your customers to make them feel privileged and good to share information about your business. Kami Speed is one company that introduces member-only limited products as a way to make their customers feel part of the business.

Make use of SMS – First, you have to ensure that your product or service provides a real solution to your customers and saves them both money and time. By doing so, they’ll no doubt become your business advocates. However, as a business, you must also avail tools for them to refer your product. This can be achieved through SMS. “SMS is the biggest source of referred installs for us, while social networks work less effectively,” says Ivan Tsybaev of Trucker Path Inc.

Don’t hold back from offering free products – For most people, receiving small amounts of money in bonuses for referrals isn’t exciting. An effective way to address this is by offering customers free services or products to share with friends and family as a way to spread the brand awareness and build loyalty. You can make it prestigious for them to give these products out by availing personalization options or customizable gift wrapping.

Offer great customer service – Some businesses focus more on offering discounts to customers. It’s, however, paramount to note that mere discounts won’t have them knocking your door if your customer service is wanting. You must build a reputation by giving your customers the best service possible, even if it means sacrificing a few more hours on top of your normal working hours. You can then lace it with some discounts.