Find Out How Much Floyd Mayweather And Conor McGregor Are Slated To Make


By Ryan Velez

Saturday will be coming soon enough, and with it is one of the most anticipated fights in quite some time, between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Many purists are a bit skeptical about the fight, as the MMA fighter McGregor is taking his skills to a boxing ring, and people feel that this is more of a media circus than a true piece of athletic competition. However, even if the fight disappoints, it will likely be worth it for both men, and according to Celebrity Net Worth, it’s all about the bottom line.

Mayweather knew this fact well, as he mentioned that the only way he would come out of retirement and put his undefeated streak on the line for a potential 50th fight is if he brought a nine-figure payday. All things look like he will get his wish at a bare minimum, with the potential to come home with nearly half-a billion for one night’s work. There is potentially $100 million as a baseline for the fight, while McGregor will earn at least $75 million. Note that that number is five times more than McGregor ever made in a UFC event–certainly explaining why he may feel interest in stepping outside of his comfort zone. McGregor has seen big money from endorsement deals, but the fact that he could pull in a paycheck like that for the fight itself is something new.

According to info from Boxing Kingdom, if the pay-per-view numbers are a hit (and interest is certainly at a high), McGregor stands to earn a purse of $127 million. Mayweather, meanwhile, could make $400 million. This is $150 million more than he's ever made in the ring to date.

Note that these numbers are all estimates, as the two sides have a confidentiality agreement that limits what can be shared publicly. The day before the fight, the Nevada State Athletic Commission will release the purses, but this fails to account for PPV, gate percentages, and other bonuses.

No matter the result, both men are winning out financially for this fight taking place. Is there any loser at all? One loser could be UFC President Dana White, who says that he expects McGregor to defend his UFC Lightweight title. But with a payday like this, he could certainly afford to leave that world behind if he wishes.