Five Most Promising Young Black Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2016


By Victor Ochieng

Whenever most of us hear “entrepreneurs,” we think of the big names like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Steve Jobs. Entrepreneurs make a difference; they choose to act on their ideas.

A point to note, however, is that the big names aren’t the only entrepreneurs out there. There are many others, some of whom are doing their things small scale, while others have gained international fame.

So, Black News went out to look for some of the young black entrepreneurs who’re making a difference; those to watch in 2016; and their names are as below;

Jaylen D. Bledsoe – He’s the founder and CEO of Jaylen D. Bledsoe Group, a company that helps clients in the areas of brand building. He has reached high profile clients, including Jordan Sparks and Steve Harvey. The 17-year-old Bledsoe is a motivational speaker who covers the areas of digital strategy, youth rights, brand development, and young entrepreneurship. His website is

Essynce Moore – She’s a 13-year-old entrepreneur who’s the founder of Essynce Couture, a spa and boutique business targeting teens and tweens. She’s also a motivational speaker and author of a book called “6th Grade Middle School Chronicles.” She also boasts of her own clothing line. Her website is

Sherron A. Stevens – He’s the founder and CEO of Undercover Customer, a company focused on helping businesses improve customer experience with the aim of raising business revenue. He’s the author of “Undercover Customer: 100 Ways to Fix Your Broken Customer Service,” a book that provides information about customer service. Check more about his business at

Moziah Bridges – He’s 13 years old and he’s the founder and president of Mo’s Bow Memphis, a company that sells handmade bowties. The company has grossed up to $55,000 in sales. He’s driven by the desire to reinvent bowties by making them more stylish. Some of those who’ve worn his bowties are President Obama and Steve Harvey. For more details about his business, visit

Maya Penn – The 15-year-old entrepreneur founded Maya’s Ideas, an apparel line making and selling clothing and diverse accessories, with a focus on being eco-friendly. She’s also known for her philanthropic works, designing, animation, as well as being an artist. She has customers in diverse countries, including Australia, Denmark, and Italy. More details about her business can be found here:

By just looking at how young some of these entrepreneurs are, it’s clear that there is no age limit to entrepreneurship. You can start at any age and succeed. When you already have an idea, the best thing to do is implement it without waiting too long.