Former Basketball Star Owns Over 80 Franchises Including Outback Steakhouse, Dunkin Donuts


By Robert Bess

You can easily research and find athletes that have gone on to become professional athletes and made millions of dollars and squandered all of their earnings. Most of these athletes are covered by the media quite extensively. However, what is not so easy to research and what the media does not tend to cover are those athletes that have successfully completed a playing career, invested their money well, and transitioned into being successful entrepreneurs. One of these players is Jamal Mashburn.

Jamal Mashburn is a superstar basketball player, who played with several NBA teams and the Kentucky Wildcats. He owns over 80 franchise businesses which include Papa John’s Pizza, Outback Steakhouse, and Dunkin Donuts franchises.

He began investing in a high-tech startup venture along with Justice Winston, a former NFL player. The duo started the “Mashburn-Justice Capital Partners” in 2013. Currently the venture capital firm’s public investment has been $2.1 million.

In 2014, Mashburn began the market agency “Mashburn Sackett” which specializes in digital services, 3D productions, integrated film,as well as social media and viral marketing. Mashburn Sackett’s focus is on smaller companies that respond quickly to the forever changing internet. Mashburn-Sackett has locations in Miami and Chicago.

Mashburn shared with, those concepts that he felt set himself apart from his peers. He said that he had a vision of his life early on as a teenager that he acted on. He expressed the fact that he is a humble guy and that he likes to gather information.

He looked at basketball as a catalyst to get him somewhere else and not as something to play until he could not physically do anymore. He shared the fact that he took the counsel of his Mother very seriously and felt that his business ventures actually were moving him forward as opposed to backwards.

Society should spend more attention highlighting successes of people in general but specifically black athletes that are doing positive things and have transitioned into successful people after sports. Jamal Mashburn’s life set a positive example and his words were powerful, wise nuggets that any aspiring athlete can add to daily living.