From Class Project To Successful Transportation Business For Kids


By Robert Stitt

Aireal Taylor, the founder of KidzCab, says she got her idea when she was working on a marketing project for school. “The idea for my company stemmed from a marketing assignment I had in school, where I had to come up with a product or service and write a paper on it. Once I started researching it, I thought maybe I could really create this.”

What is her idea? KidzCab is a transportation service that gets children to and from school, extracurricular activities, events, appointments and the like for children 4-16. The company is different than many transportation services because her employees are vetted, her business is focused on children and their families, and vehicles are tracked in real-time with destination alerts sent to parents. The focus on kids includes small niceties like booster seats for children.

A former administrator and accountant, Taylor was also an NBA dancer. She is putting the same hard work and drive it took to accomplish her personal goals into her business. She said that being an entrepreneur is harder than it looks, but that as a business owner, she “can really make things happen when I need to. If one way doesn’t work out, I figure out something else to make it work.”

When asked to share some information about her journey, Taylor said that you can’t expect to go into business alone. “You really need a good support system around you, in my opinion, to thrive. I’ve had very good resources that helped me tremendously. I did a lot by myself but not nearly all of it.”

Taylor would tell other hopeful entrepreneurs to start with a solid business plan. “Plan, plan, plan, and plan some more. Completing a business plan took my business idea to a completely different level. Business plans force you to think about the ‘not so fun stuff’ that could really affect your business if not thought through properly.” When you’re ready, though, don’t give up or listen to the “no”s, even when there are many “no”s. “Starting a business is extremely difficult and I truly wanted to quit many times,” Taylor said, “but my dedication to this dream helped me push through.”

KidzCab currently has three vehicles that run about 6 trips per day, – each morning and afternoon throughout the school year. She is already completely booked for the 2015-16 school year with her waiting list closed out.