Google Faces Lawsuits Claiming Age Discrimination


By Victor Ochieng

Tech giant Google has been accused of being discriminative against older people in its recruitment activities. This is after two elderly people, a 60-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman, separately filed lawsuits against the company.

In summary, the lawsuit says, “Google has engaged in a systematic pattern and practice of discriminating against individuals (including Mr. Heath) who are age 40 and older in hiring, compensation, and other employment decisions with the resultant effect that persons age 40 or older are systemically excluded from positions for which they are well-qualified.”

Fox News reports that Robert Heath filed his lawsuit last year. In it, he claims that Google practices systematic discriminatory practices against those aged 40 and above when it comes to hiring, remuneration and other employment matters. Heath, who was pursuing a software engineering post at the company, was highly qualified and had the fitting experience that even a Google recruiter believed he was a “great candidate.”

According to the lawsuit, a Google recruiter informed Heath that, “Google was in the process of embarking on its largest recruiting/hiring campaign in its history […] After reviewing your experience, I thought you would be a great candidate to come work at Google and add value.” However, the company didn’t hire him for the role.

The lawsuit further says that after Heath completed an interview with an evidently nasty software expert, “On information and belief, Google failed to hire Mr. Heath and other members of the putative class, in favor of younger applicants under the age of 40 […] Google, with respect to its hiring decisions and other terms and conditions of employment described herein, discriminates against job applicants and workers who are age 40 or older.”

On her end, Cheryl Fillekes, a 50-year-old programmer, was even summoned different times for second interviews, but wasn’t hired by the company.

Fox News noted that Google has a long history of facing age discrimination lawsuits filed by its existing and former employees. Former Google executive Brian Reid filed a lawsuit against the company in 2011, a lawsuit that was settled for an amount that wasn’t disclosed to the public. Peter Taylor, a former Twitter employee, also filed a lawsuit against Google in 2014, claiming the company booted him over his advanced age. His case was settled last year.

Whether the San Francisco-based tech giant will reach a settlement in the new lawsuits is yet to be seen.