Here Are Four Ways To Reach Success


By Robert Stitt

Marquita Miller, founder and CEO of Five Star Tax and Business Solutions and a small business expert contributor on CBS & FOX morning shows, was able to spend some time with Jay Veal, CEO of It’s Not Complicated Tutoring (@INCTutoring) and Gloria Veal, It’s Not Complicated Tutoring’s communications program manager.

It’s Not Complicated Tutoring is based in Dallas, Texas, and offers one-on-one tutoring in the areas of math, science, STEM, and standardized test prep. The tutoring can take place in-person or through a virtual network. INC aims to meet each student’s needs by identifying their specific learning style and tailoring their lessons.

Veal shared a few secrets of his success:

  1. Vision. INC started with Jay Veal’s vision. He wanted to tutor children and went door to door to find clients. When the business grew, he brought in more help. As he continued to expand his reach, Veal partnered with organizations such as the Jack and Jill Organization to get services to the children who need them. Despite the growth of the company, Veal has not lost the vision or passion he had when he started the company.
  2. Why You. What makes you special? Why should somebody choose you and your business over all of the other options? Veal pointed to his qualifications and showed clients how he was different from the “chain” tutors.” In order to build your business, tell consumers what you offer and what your competitors don’t. Accentuate the qualities that make you the best at what you do.”
  3. Team. Veal started by himself, but he knew that he could not grow and remain that way. “You can’t go into any type of business and build it with just one person. You have to build the right team to go along with you as you increase your customer base.” He cautions that you have to choose your team carefully and ensure they have the same passion that you do. You need to make sure that your clients received the same excellent service from your team that they would get from you.
  4. Challenge Yourself. “When you jump off the cliff, you have to build the wings on your way down,” Veal says. You have to keep looking for ways to grow and be better and what you are doing. You also need to develop your staff. Sometimes you must “work on your business, instead of always in your business”.

According to Black Enterprise, Jay Veal’s INC Tutoring is the only minority-owned business in Dallas-Fort Worth dedicated to demystifying STEM subjects for students of all ages.